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  • Regulations exist concerning transport, which limit the transporter's liability, even when his fault has been established. Make sure you have suitable coverage for your needs.
  • Your buyer's or supplier's insurance can often prove insufficient. It is always risky to depend on either one's insurance. Their coverage can protect you from certain risks, but leave you open to others. Purchasing your own policy will give you the possibility to choose between price options.
  • Forwarders are not responsible for damages caused by acts of God.

As a supplier of logistical services, it is in our best interest to ship your goods swiftly and deliver them intact. However, the transport of goods on a worldwide scale, within the framework of commercial transactions, does involve some risks. That is why we offer complete coverage for your goods, at competitive rates. Many types of insurance are available, according to your needs and requirements of your goods.

For claims, our specialized assistance includes inspections, documentation analysis and a comprehensive follow-up - until the claim has been settled. Our specialists can thus spare you unnecessary delays in the settlement of your claim, so that you can be quickly and fully compensated.

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