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Customs and NAFTA compliance audits

Ask us about it before Customs asks YOU!

In response to Customs Compliance enforcement through periodic verifications and the imposition of penalty provisions by Customs. Affiliated has developed a comprehensive program designed to gradually bring importers to full customs compliance.

Our structured approach to Customs Compliance addresses those areas which the Customs have identified as problematic, which are:

  • internal processes and controls related to their customs activities;
  • tariff classification;
  • customs valuation;
  • the proper application of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) tariff treatments; and
  • the quality of the import documentation which is supplied to Customs to account for the customs duties and/or taxes payable on their imported goods.

You will be assigned a fully qualified Customs and International Trade consultant who will be charged with the responsibilities of:

  • developing a compliant Customs Import Profile;
  • developing a detailed plan of action;
  • providing, at your request, assistance in developing in-house expertise;
  • providing assistance with the development of in-house controls in order to effectively manage and maintain Customs Compliance (e.g., NAFTA Administration);
  • providing, at your request, workshops on emerging issues which could influence your importing practices; and
  • Customs planning

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