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U.S. adds preliminary antidumping duty on Canadian planes

October 12, 2017

The United States' Department of Commerce announced on October 5, 2017 its affirmative preliminary determination in the antidumping duty investigation of imports of 100- to 150-seat large civil aircraft from Canada.

The Department calculated a preliminary dumping margin of 79.82 percent, setting the preliminary antidumping duty at that rate. If and when the subject planes are exported to the United States, U.S. customs will require cash deposits in amounts equal to the preliminary margin.

After this preliminary stage, the investigation will continue and, should the Commerce Department make an affirmative final determination, and the U.S. International Trade Commission make an affirmative final that imports of aircraft from Canada threaten material injury to the domestic industry, the antidumping duties could become final.

The U.S. Government is also conducting a subsidy investigation and already assessed preliminary countervailing duty at a rate of 219.63 percent on the Canadian planes

Link: Canada 100- to 150-Seat Large Civil Aircraft Preliminary Determination

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